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Supported Platform Matrix


Supported Platform Matrix

The supported platform matrix identifies the make and models of hardware which may be used with AREDN firmware in the various frequency bands. The equipment marked with a green background is fully supported and tested. Models with a red background are NOT supported nor are they compatible with AREDN firmware. The orange background indicates equipment that is likely to work well, but has not yet been thoroughly tested. Equipment with a yellow background is in the research stage and may or may not achieve fully-supported status depending on test results.


Current As of AREDN™ (updated on 05/24/2017)
900Mhz 2.4Ghz 3Ghz 5.8Ghz
Ubiquiti Networks (
AirGrid (XM revision/old)   M2   M5
AirGrid (XW)       AG-HP-5Gxx**
AirRouter   M2    
AirRouter HP   M2    
Bullet   M2   M5
Bullet Titanium   M2   M5
NanoBeam (XW)       NBE-M5-16/19**
NanoBridge M9 2G18 M3 5G22/5G25
NanoStation Loco (XM) M9 M2   M5
NanoStation Loco (XW)       M5**
NanoStation (XM)   M2 M3 M5
NanoStation (XW)       M5 
PicoStation   M2    
PowerBeam (see note 3)   PBE-M2-400**   PBE-M5-300/400**
PowerBeam       PBE-M5-620
Rocket (XM) M900 M2 M3 M5
Rocket (XW)       M5**
Rocket Titanium   M2   M5
Rocket Titanium (XW)       M5
CPE (v1 versions only!)   CPE210   CPE510
GREEN = "GO" AREDN Supported
RED="STOP" No Compatibility or Support
ORANGE="CAUTION" High Confidence of compatibility. Included in current release, but not rigorously tested
YELLOW="RESEARCHING" Under research for future support consideration.
GREY="N/A" No such device
** Release candidate firmware available



  1. Regarding XW hardware revisions:
    1. AirOS versions before 5.5.8 are likely an XM hardware revision (older design)
    2.  AirOS versions >= 5.5.8 is *MOST LIKELY* an XW hardware revision (new design)
    3. (exception) AirOS versions = 5.5.10 could be either XM or XW hardware
    4. The only definitive technique to determine this is to login to the device.
  2. Regarding YELLOW devices:
    1. Any device/model indicated in YELLOW, is being researched by the AREDN development team.  This research does not guarantee, nor, directly imply, that these devices will be included in a future release of AREDN.  These devices may transition to a RED (no support) state at any time, if defects/issues are found.
    2. Pertinent information about these will be noted in
  3. PowerBeam devices physically have model #s of "NBE-xx-yyy" printed on them, however, they are marketed as "PBE-xx-yyy".

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